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Meet the Team


Meg Langston

Founder & CEO

Hey! It’s Meg Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, FNTP, RWS2, RCPCI work to help women restore their metabolic health in order to have balanced hormones, restore symptomless periods and recover from digestive dysfunction. I deeply believe the body talks back to symptoms and through lifestyle changes, a food first approach and the utilization of testing we can find the root cause(s) behind what is driving your symptoms and get yourself back to feeling your best self! I don’t take this gift of a job lightly, it is my joy to walk alongside so many of you and not only heal and feel your best but also to walk alongside and educate you to become advocates of your own health. Healing is possible!

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Ashley Smith

Hello! Ashley Smith, registered dietitian and nutrition practitioner here at Meg Langston Wellness. My interest in nutrition and health began in high school when I struggled with an eating disorder that robbed me of joy, health, and peace. My original work as a dietitian centered around making peace with food and learning to listen to the body’s signals. Life circumstances and my own health journey brought me to the functional world of nutrition and I’m so grateful. I focus on helping women improve energy, GI function, and hormones through strategic testing, looking at body feedback, observing lifestyle and then putting into place practical lifestyle and nutrition strategies. I’m passionate about helping women truly nourish their bodies and care for them in ways that feel life-giving rather than restrictive or anxiety promoting.

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