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Back to Basics Guide

5 Foundations to health: Menstrual Cycle Health, Blood Sugar Regulation, Gut Health, Mineral Balance and scheduling in Rest and Fun.

Get instant access to:

  • 50+ page guide + workbook that shows you the step-by-step foundations of women's health

  • Preferred Supplements to support: Detoxification, Digestion, Mineral Imbalances and Metabolic Health

  • An insight into my personal calendar on how our family plans rest, fun and light meal planning

  • 7-Day Balanced Meal Guide

  • 8 Simply and Delicious Snack Ideas

  • Grocery Shopping List

  • Weekly Check-In questions to assess your health and progress



How is this different from other courses and guides out there?

Where other courses and guides may spend more time on the education, I really touch briefly on that and dive more into the nitty gritty. This guide is not meant for the practitioner, it's meant for the everyday women who just wants to feel better and know the basic information on why but really being told the what to do part. 

How long do I need to be doing the foundations until I feel better?

The reality is that these foundations always need to be addressed. We can’t always be doing them perfectly because life just has hills and valleys, but we do need to understand the importance of them and the tools to support the foundations so that when the valleys of life come, we are able to quickly act to support our body. 

What if after this Guide I do want to work one and one?

I offer 1-1 services in my practice and testing for those that are implementing the foundations and still struggling. If you are managing blood sugar, supporting gut health to the best of your ability and mineral balance, then testing may be your next.

I hear you often talk about eating enough but the guide just talks about balancing meals. How do I know if I am eating enough?

If reading this guide you feel like you are still struggling to understand how much your body needs in calories per day and macronutrients per day, then you may want to check out my $25 Macro Guide. *LINK* In this guide I walk you through how much Protein, Carbs and Fats you need, teach you how to add calories back into your diet or decrease safely to protect your metabolic system and hormones.

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