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I’ve been working with Meg for six months and highly recommend her to those who are desperate for healing and willing to take the proper steps to get there. It’s evident that Meg is extremely passionate about her craft and she’s been blessing to me during this unexpected journey.

Within 24 hours of an active, outdoor vacation, I suddenly found myself in the ER getting blood transfusions, desperate for answers. My traditional doctors were unable to provide real solutions, so I turned to functional medicine and, at the referral of a friend, hired Meg for nutrition guidance.

As I peeled back the layers of chronic health issues, I realized my situation was incredibly complex despite living a very healthy lifestyle. Parsing through information on the internet is overwhelming and often misleading, and it left me feeling more lost than ever. Meg helped to make sense of the mountain of available nutritional information, cut through the clutter, and apply real solutions to heal symptomatic problems.

Many doctors — including functional medicine practitioners — will give you a protocol and send you on your way with supplements, leaving you empty-handed when you need guidance or have unexpected reactions along the way. More importantly, knowing which foods are right for my individual healing plan was a critically important step to recovery. Meg is extremely responsive and fills in answers where my doctors were unable or often unwilling to go, and she goes the extra mile to provide incredible information that works. I know my journey to total recovery would be even longer without her guidance.

My diagnoses range from a genetic mutation to heavy metal toxicity. Homebound, isolated, and often in excruciating pain during the most critical stages of this journey, it felt like the worst possible punishment for a crime I didn’t commit. Healing is just as much mental and emotional as it is physical, and there are often incredibly low points along the way. Meg’s encouragement, vulnerability, and ability to see the big picture and provide hope has been a saving grace. Her positive attitude is contagious and changed my mental outlook. I know this is all temporary and that I’m on the right track, with Meg as a valuable partner on this journey.


Working with Meg has been an actual lifesaver.

A little over a year ago, I realized that I had been in a losing battle with my body - I was rapidly gaining weight no matter how hard I tried to lose or maintain, I had no energy, I felt like my body was quitting on me at 26. After visiting several different doctors who found nothing wrong with my blood tests and put me on unnecessary medications that only made things worse, I reached out to Meg for a consultation. She immediately found the red flag in my blood work (hey, thyroid, and adrenal fatigue) and we began working on solving the problem instead of just covering the symptoms.

After several months of working hard to heal, I feel like a completely different person. For the first time in my life, I am in tune with my body. I’m so much more aware of how external factors impact me physically and how to manage them. I feel amazing! My friends and coworkers tell me that I’m glowing on a regular basis and I don’t feel like I’m fighting my body anymore.

I’m so thankful to have Meg on my team and for all of the support, encouragement, and care that she’s given me!


I had the privilege of working with Meg for 6 months. I had goals such as figuring out my food allergies and I wanted to find out how one actually eats healthy and the right amount of food. After working with her, I realized I also had other issues at play that I didn’t know weren’t “normal”! I saw results such as better sleep quality and quantity, sex drive increase due to getting off hormonal birth control, and no more sluggish hours and bloating on the daily. There is so much information out there on “healthy habits” but Meg tells you the truth, what books back up this research, and helpful tips on how to achieve these goals. If you’re looking to change your life in small, actionable steps at a time, become her client!! 


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